Facebook Gaming APK Download & How to Stream Gaming

Facebook Gaming APK Download for Android + Review, How to Stream on Facebook Gaming App, How to Earn Money on Facebook Gaming Full Process, FB.gg Setup

If you are looking for Facebook Gaming App Latest Version Download, then you are at right place. Facebook Gaming App is available for both Android and IOS users. if you see, Gaming is becoming popular day by day and also many of the new creaters are becoming popular. many of the biggest creaters have also shifted their content to gaming nowdays. With the launch of Facebook Gaming APK, it is giving direct competition to Youtube Gaming Platform. So today i will provide you Facebook Gaming App Details, Review, How to Start and Earning Process with Monetization.

Facebook Gaming Apk

Facebook Gaming APK for Android Download

The all new Facebook Gaming apk welcomes you to a new world of play. Share in the joy and fun of rooting for top streamers as they play the world’s biggest games.

Here, you can play games instantly, and join groups centered around everything you are interested The ways to have fun are countless. Find yours.

Be among the first to try the Facebook Gaming app, the place for all your gaming interests, where you can:

Watch: This is where streamers call home. Plus, discover new videos from the biggest esports and gaming’s top publishers. On Facebook Gaming Apk, there’s a whole world of gaming waiting for you to tune in.

Play: Play instant games anytime, anywhere, without having to download. Because when you want to play, nothing should stop you.

Connect: Facebook Gaming App have gaming groups for everyone, and new ones are starting up every day.

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Facebook Gaming App Features

  • Browse All Games : You can browse between thousands of games in Facebook Gaming Apk
  • Browse Streamers : You can watch your favorite streamer at any time of being live.
  • Tournaments : You can also watch and play different Esports tournaments.
  • Play Games : Play games online and stream it with millions of users online on Facebook Gaming Apk.

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How to Live Stream on Facebook Gaming

How to Stream on Facebook Gaming

  1. Join Facebook Gaming creaters community

    Sign up to join the Facebook Gaming Creators Community

  2. Create gaming video creator page

    Create a gaming video creator page (or editing it to include “Gaming Video Creator”)

  3. Setup streaming software

    Set up the software using either Streamlabs OBS, OBS Studio Classic or Split

  4. Enter the Stream Key

    Visit the creator dashboard to access your stream key and prepare the stream

  5. Go Live

    You are live now on Facebook Gaming.

Facebook Gaming Apk Download Link

Download Facebook Gaming APK

Earn Money on Facebook Gaming

Earn Money on Facebook Gaming

In order to earn money from Facebook Gaming App, a streamer needs to met the following requirements:

  • Have atleast 100 followers on your page.
  • Stream content for at least four hours in a 14 days period.
  • Atleast stream two days in that 14 day period.
  • Be Active for at least 14 days.
  • Have to be atleast 18 years or older.

Once these requirements are met, you can visit your Creator Dashboard and apply for the Level Up Program and start earning on Facebook Gaming Apk.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Facebook game streamers make?

There is an option to give the streamer “stars,” (100 stars for $1), or to become a paid subscriber of that streamer for $4.99 a month.

How much Facebook Pay for 1000 views?

Facebook pays per 1000 ads impressions on your videos, it does not depend on the Million views or thousand views.

Who is the biggest streamer on Facebook Gaming App?

Ninja had nearly 15 million followers on Twitch and shifted to Facebook gaming which makes him the most followed streamer on the platform

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