10 Best Youtube Alternative to Earn Money Online

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Youtube Alternative

Looking to earn some money with youtube alternative sites, then you are at right place. Today, i will share 10 best and High Paying Youtube alternative sites List to Earn Money Online from home.

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YouTube Alternative
Best YouTube Alternatives

10 Best YouTube Alternatives to Earn Money Online

Below i have shared the List of 10 Best YouTube Alternatives to Earn Money Online, using which you can earn unlimited money from home with little bit of hard work.


  • It is best YouTube Alternative.
  • Dailymotion accepts publishers from all niches. 
  • 300 million users from around the world.
  • 3.5 billion users watch videos each month.
  • Similarl to
  • Similarl Youtube monetization system.
  • You will get 70% of the ad revenue.
  • JOIN Dailymotion Monetization


  • First crypto-decentralized video platform.
  • Built on top of the STEEM Blockchain.
  • Allow to watch or upload videos and earning cryptocurrency doing it.
  • Users are free to advertise any product or service they would like, directly inside their own videos
  • JOIN Dtube


  • Patreon is a membership platform.
  • It is a good alternative if you are want to Earn Money Online.
  • They Have Low Transparent Fees which is only 5%.
  • You can get Paid 95% of your Earnings.
  • JOIN Patreon


  • Brid.TV is a Powerful Video Platform to Monetize your Video Content to Earn Money Online.
  • You can Host, encode & Monetize your videos the way you want to with free ad support.
  • You can get Paid 60% of your Revenue Ad Earning.
  • They Keep 40% Revenue Ad Share.
  • JOIN BridTV


  • It is best YouTube Alternative.
  • Facebook for Creators is Created by “Facebook”.
  • You Can Earn money though Ad Breaks.
  • For every ad watched by viewers, you will receive a share of revenue.
  • Facebook for creators Monetisation is the biggest alternative to YouTube.
  • JOIN Facebook for Creaters.


  • Vimeo is an ad-free open video platform for Earning Money Online.
  • You can Earn Money by Selling your Videos Directly to fans.
  • Options Like Rent, Buy or Subscription on Your Paid Videos are available.
  • You can put your own custom price on videos.
  • Also, You can get the 90% of the Revenue.
  • JOIN Vimeo


  • AdRev is for copyright owners to get revenue of their music from the person who use it without permission.
  • It will help you to Maximize the Ad Revenue of your Video contents.
  • JOIN AdRev

Twitch for Gamers

  • Twitch is for Gamers, to Live Stream & Earn Money through channels, subscribers & Donations.
  • You Can Earn Lot of Money as a gamer by streaming yourself playing games.
  • Twitch gets 100 million page views per month.
  • You Can Get Paid by Paypal Account.
  • JOIN Twitch for Gamers


  • Flickr is a popular image and Video Hosting Service.
  • It allows you to Sell Your Professional Photos & Small Videos.
  • JOIN Flickr

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Final Words:

So, Guys this was the list for best youtube alternative sites. i hope you guys will use this youtube alternative to earn money online from home. though this need little work but pays high amount. cheers!!

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